Web Design

I was responsible for providing high-level creative direction and executing on most of the team’s web design projects. I provided assistance on production for all sites. Here is a sample of some of the web work I’ve done:



Here are some example wireframes. I lead the design and content strategy for both examples. I built and maintained a Sketch-based component library. All components are built to scale and based on our standard web framework specifications, making them very accurate and easy for developers to work from.

Click wireframes to view the corresponding sites


Sell Sheets

Click arrows to scroll through different sheets

Display Ads

A sampling of display and social ads for various clients. I worked closely with the PPC team and the clients to execute on designs and implement any feedback. I’ve also done a handful of HTML 5 animated ads that I’m unable to show here.

Marketing + Illustration

Email Marketing for Vienna Beef. I was one of two people to start this channel in the agency, and Vienna was our first client. I’ve worked with them for the past 2-3 years and have seen great success. They are boasting record highs of e-commerce revenue and a huge portion of that is attributed to the email channel. I lead the designs and created all the banner artwork, as well as helping with strategy and writing copy.

Some service illustrations for Solid Digital in context. I wanted to mix a hand-drawn, loose style for the illustrations to contrast the technical nature of the services. Solid took a very human approach to design and marketing, and I wanted to reflect that visually.

Various social media content.

Illustrations for Ajinomoto’s company intranet.